Corporate Program

  • Elevate Leadership Legacy (ELL) Program

    Through the ELL Program, corporations will have the opportunity to make a difference in two ways:

    1. Becoming a Corporate Sponsor at the Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze levels (See attached corporate sponsorship information package)
    2. Join Legacy 150 program where a corporation help Elevate International invite leaders who believe in elevating young women to make a commitment of contributing $5000 / year for three consecutive years.
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Corporations building a legacy for young women locally and globally

ELL is leadership program that gives corporations an opportunity to start investing in elevating young women from the ground up. From a young age young women get the ability to start building a leadership path for success by:

  • building interest in working for Canadian corporations from an early age

  • developing leadership skill from a young age

  • enhancing financial literacy

  • trusting that they have leaders who believe in them and are investing in their leadership and success

Why do we believe corporations should lead in elevating young women?

While corporations continue to face various gender diversity challenges in various fields including representation at the executive and board levels, we believing that investing in young women today will insure that companies can confidently have solutions for each of the gender diversity challenge in the near future.


What you will get

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Examples of Corporate Challenges in 2017:


Companies do not have a single women on the board


Women only hold 14.5% of all board seats among all companies disclosing the number of women directors on their boards


The average number of women directors per company 

15 %

The average percentage of executive officers who are women was unchanged in 2017

Through ELL we are investing a long term solution that will ensure that not only we are building a legacy for girls and women in our country but for corporations and Canada as a country.

ELL provides corporations two ways to make a direct impact:
  1. Host a Elevate Empowerment Leadership seminar for young women related / connected to their employees

  2. Sponsor an Elevate Empowerment Leadership seminar for young women in the community, where up to 200 young women obtain a full day of inspiration, education and leadership training

During the seminars, corporations are invited to share their mission, purpose and values with young women. Giving many girls an opportunity to not only start dreaming about what it would look like like to work for such corporation, but more importantly, start reflecting and planning on the knowledge, education and leadership skills they would need to develop to reach their goal.

All Elevate Empowerment Leadership seminars will cover the four important areas:

Personal Development

Personal Development





Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing

At Elevate International, we believe this would give more young women a more inspiring, encouraging and clear view of what is possible and how to confidently move towards the direction of their dreams. By patterning with Elevate International, together we will build a great future for women, our economy and our country.

Your energy and commitment are what we need in a world that still has many obstacles for women and girls to achieve their full potential, and where gender discrimination is still an issue that we have to deal with.