School Program

  • Elevate Education Empowerment (EEE) Program

    Enhancing young women’s personal development and leadership

    EEE is a program offered to high schools in Canada. Giving our education system an opportunity to empower young women. 

    EEE provides school the ways to make a direct impact


Host Elevate Seminars for young women in grade 9 – 12, tackling various subjects such as:

Personal Development

Personal Development

  • Self confidence
  • building dreams through recreation, leisure and sports activities
  • Creating an inner circles of coaches, community leaders and mentors who will elevate you
  • Introduction to the mentorship program (grade 12)



  • Introduction to leadership
  • Elevating your leadership in your community



  • Introductions to issues girls are facing around the world and how we can help
  • Taking on leadership roles in fundraising initiatives

  Health and wellbeing


  • All forms of pressures
  • Violence against women
  • Mental health
  • Creating a long term healthy lifestyle