Sports Program

  • Elevate Female Athlete (EEA) Program

    Elevating Female Athletes at the national and provincial level 

    Through Elevate International, national and provincial sports organizations are invited to host seminars for female athletes at the competitive level. Each seminar brings inspiring athletes (retired and high level) to share their journey and lesson learned.


Seminars also covers the following subjects:

Personal Development

Personal Development


  • Overcome challenges
  • Self discipline



  • Team building skills
  • Taking leadership to new heights

  • Importance of education outside of sports




  • Becoming role models in the community
  • Giving back

  Health and wellbeing


  • Managing pressures and stress

Planning in the future:

Create a mentorship program where retired professional female athlete
are invited to be part of a Elevate Mentorship Program that supports young female athletes through their journey.