What makes Elevate Women unique?

We all finally come together as one. All women in leadership on the same mission: learning, growing, sharing enriching conversations while also advancing gender diversity. Creating the change we need to see for women today and for generations to come. United as one voice to shape the future of women’s leadership and economic growth. 

What makes Elevate Women unique is the ability to bring together women leading in all sectors to be part of the conversations that are shaping our country and advancing gender diversity globally while we also creating opportunities for women to grow as leaders, advance their professional career and businesses while connecting with like minded women.

There are three things that make Elevate Women unique and empowering: 

  1. Elevate Women is especially designed to give corporations, community leaders, members of the parliament and the government an opportunity to elevate women together, uniting in strength and resources to move forward a common objective: Gender Diversity. Together we elevate unique ways that are specific to each community, city, corporations and / or country.
  2. Our objective is to empower women through the elevation of leadership, business and philanthropy while creating strong partnerships with national and international leaders to create and provide the best programs and the most up to date resources on leadership, economic growth and community building.
  3. Elevate Women promotes cross-sector partnerships, bringing together women in business, corporations, government, philanthropy and education while giving exposure to companies and groups that are elevating women in our society today.

With women’s leadership and empowerment being a priority for many corporations and elected members, we believe this is a great partnership between all leaders, MPs and the community.

  • "Through this process we become empowered with more knowledge, greater leadership tools and a successful community of women building stronger partnerships amongst one another."

    Solange Tuyishime
    CEO and Founder
    Elevate International