So how do we build a better world today and a brighter future for girls?

We have all had great conversations about gender diversity and women empowerment, but those conversations are not making an impact if we are not truly creating the change we envision. That is what Elevate Women is dedicated to do: bringing together leaders, corporations, and communities of women leading in all sectors to advance women’s leadership and economic growth. More importantly Elevate Women unites women leading in all sectors to have open honest conversations, stimulate new thinking and inspire action from national and international leaders.

Going above inspiration, we connect and elevate women globally, helping women reach new heights and realize the direct positive impact women’s leadership has in the world today.

In a world of considerable interest in women’s empowerment, where many leading companies have put women-focused initiatives in place and there has been a significant rise of great women in business initiatives, we still have immense steps to take before obtaining the gender equality and diversity we all talk about, and before we can have more women into key decision-making and leadership roles.

Elevate Women emphasizes the direct impact of women’s success and its positive global change, bringing light on the issues most relevant to women’s leadership and economic growth while creating programs and workshops to help women grow into more effective, thoughtful and resilient leaders.

We work with leaders, corporations and institutions to help advance more women in leadership and build thriving businesses. Through Elevate Conferences, events and workshops we bring together thought leaders, visionaries and the most influential leaders in our society today to share how they thrive and have found success; giving women more opportunities to continue developing their leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

As part of the Elevate Women mandate, we ensure that all women at all levels of society are also being elevated. With our strong belief that we leave no woman behind, while elevating women in leadership, we also support and promote organizations that are helping women in need advance and flourish.

As leaders in our society and champions for gender equality and diversity, we are inviting you to ELEVATE WOMEN and then GO FURTHER.

Elevate Women Initiative

The Elevate Women initiative seeks to further advance gender diversity in order for women to have more decision making opportunities amongst leaders in our society. As a result, we build thriving communities, a much stronger Canada and a better world, socially, economically and politically.

With the objective to help more women lead, grow into effecting and influential leader, earn more income, build successful businesses and make a difference in the world

Elevate women has three main areas of focus locally and globally:

Economic empowerment


Community building